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Evax Systems, Inc. is proud to announce our new "Fire Solutions" division. For 20 years we have been at the forefront of voice systems in the Life Safety industry. From our early days in the mid 80s when we developed the first effective solution for small voice systems, to the founding of Evax Systems in 1994, where we introduced the EVAX 25 as a self contained system in a single module, our engineering and design have set the standard for systems in our industry. Yet another leap forward occurred in 1999, when we introduced our HMX distributed networked audio, the most advanced multi-channel system in Life Safety today.

Now we are on Fire. It is a natural progression in the growth for our company, to enter into the Fire Alarm market directly. In the last several years, multiple companies have been absorbed into larger organizations and we have seen the need for a new independent fire alarm company go unanswered. Evax Systems intends to be that company. We have partnered with Harrington Signal as a supplier of panels and signals, where Evax Systems will take on the role of engineering for both companies. This will allow us to answer that need with the type of systems and equipment the independent Integrator wants.

We look forward to working with you in this new and exciting endeavor.

Peter Binkley
Evax Systems, Inc

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