A variety of complications can occur when trying to evacuate occupants from a high rise building during an emergency situation. Protecting those who may be unaware of an emergency happening in their immediate proximity requires special equipment. Rescuers on site need the ability to speak directly to occupants in greatest potential danger and instruct them to immediately evacuate through the emergency stairwell exit. They can alert those who may not be in immediate danger and ensure that they stay put and await further instruction. This method is safe and effective and allows for an orderly evacuation.

The Evax HMX High Rise Multiplex System is capable of meeting all high rise application requirements. This networked voice evacuation system can be installed remotely using RS-485 communication protocol. The system allows for up to 256 panels to communicate within a 4,000 ft. distance. Features of the HMX include a two-way fireman's phone, 23 pre-recorded messages, and dual channel operation.